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You’re here,

We’re so looking forward to what is in store for us,


We’ve really been through a tumultuous rollercoaster,

Some of us feel like we’ve somersaulted over and over,

Like our linens do, on a continuous spin cycle,


We all long for rest,

On all fronts,



And spirit,


We will regain our energy,

Our will,

Our desire,

To live this Life,

The best way we can,


So, 2022,

Let’s hope,

That this year,

Brings us closer to this new tomorrow,

We’re looking forward to co creating this with you,


We know,

We understand,

That there are parts of our lives,

That will never be the same,

It will, take us some time to accept this,


At the same time,

We know,

It’s time to set the new clock,

The new dream,

Our new reality,

Like new brush strokes on canvas,

A new design,

Will emerge,


We can only wish,


Reprise of the laughter within ourselves,

With others,


And Contentment ❤️