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Passion for the written word

I am Pralene

I’m a writer and a reflective poet. I write from deep sensing, life experience and consciousness. I’m a mum to two growing, yet adorable munchkins.

My original writing experiment was a children’s book, First Day of the School Holidays available through Amazon. And yes, there’s more to come.

I always scribbled my poetic musings growing up, I’ve embraced this adventure now.

I write for

My own pleasure, my peace and serenity. My poetry provides a sense of contemplation, of calm, of awareness, of celebration, and yes, loads of smiles

My poems bring

  • A fresh perspective

  • Guidance

  • Peace

  • Stillness

  • Nostalgia

  • Playfulness

  • Growth

My audience

Me. My children. Families. Friends. Corporates. Humanity.

My Poems

I invite you to read my poetry which is inspired by the amazing people I meet, places I explore, and life experiences. I welcome requests to write personalized poems for special people in your life.