Passion for the written word

I am Pralene

I’m a writer and a reflective poet. I write from deep sensing, life experience and consciousness. I’m a mum to two growing, yet adorable munchkins.

My original writing experiment was a children’s book, First Day of the School Holidays available through Amazon. And yes, there’s more to come.

I always scribbled my poetic musings growing up, I’ve embraced this adventure now.

I write for

My own pleasure, my peace and serenity. My poetry provides a sense of contemplation, of calm, of awareness, of celebration, and yes, loads of smiles

My poems bring

  • A fresh perspective

  • Guidance

  • Peace

  • Stillness

  • Nostalgia

  • Playfulness

  • Growth

My audience

Me. My children. Families. Friends. Corporates. Humanity.

 Personalised Poems

In the course of this growing brand, Pralene Poetry has so far been requested to write poems, for individuals, teams, entrepreneurs and corporates.

We utilize a unique leadership framework and philosophy that guides our creative engine.

Please reach out to us and we will be delighted to provide a unique voice to your special loved ones, milestone occasions and events.


Social Responsibility

As a fledgling brand, Pralene Poetry is committed to uplifting society where this is possible.

Guardians of Hope

Abandoned children have been and are a painful part of our society.

Guardians of Hope, is just that, it provides a place of heartfelt love, care and safety for the youngest amongst us, who do not have a voice as yet.

Pralene Poetry is extremely humbled to be associated with this cause. In 2021, our inaugural exhibition was dedicated to Guardians for Hope, and with the proceeds raised, we were successful in raising enough funds to sponsor the sickbay at their new home.