It is almost as if time stood still,
You still look as young as ever,
Your words speak kindness, humility, charm,
I wonder what this journey through life has brought you,
Over the time,
Wondrous adventures,
Of happiness, joy, travels,
Pain, heartache, loss,
‘Battlescars’ and ‘trophies’ as you call them now,
I love that,
We will find out soon enough, the colorful road you’ve driven,

I wish, the next path for you, is filled,
With love, light, many days filled with ☀️ Sunshine,
Laughter as if your heart is bursting,

Simple pleasures, like you’ve never known before,
Enjoying Mother Nature, as if reborn,
Watching Orange-Red sunsets, like it’s the last day,

Whatever it is, that your heart desires,
For this life,
I hope you find it,
I’m just enjoying the moments
Being in your company again.