What is it,
The fascination about Books,
Is it,

The animated pages, that draws children in,
That ignites their imagination,
That stimulates their minds,
Their hearts,

Or is it,
For young adults,
That books bring,
Their own adolescent stories to life,
That provide meaning,
That provide solace,
That bring comfort,
In these growing years,

Or Is it,
For us adults,
The Beautiful Covers,
So creatively illustrated,
That capture the eye,

That draw us in,
To read the synopsis,
To rush to the cashier,
To get home,
To snuggle in a cozy blanket,
To rummage though the pages,
Excitedly digesting the story,
As we sip on our favorite brew,
Transporting ourselves to another world,
another domain,

Perhaps, in reading,
it’s all of the above,
The adventure,
The love,
The loss,
The Fantasy,
That brings Life,
Into a full circle,

Let’s read,
It’s our gateway to our evolution through this life,