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Nestled within the sanctuary of East London,
And it’s serene suburbs,
Is a Care Centre,
For the special amongst us,
Who most times do not have a voice,
They may not ever walk,
They may not even ride a bicycle,
Or fill in a coloring book,

But hearts of gold,
Eyes, so full of life,
That I sometimes had to close mine,
And breathe in their wonder,
Their spirit,

And yet, I was led by the hand,
Into jungle gyms,
Cajoled to race to the trampoline,
I was taken into a child’s pure mind,
And living there,
For a few minutes,
Precious innocence,

It was free,
It was peaceful,
it was magical,

So many forms of the divine,
In one space,
Living their every breath,
As if their last,
And enjoying every minute of it,
With an open heart,
Open mind,
Huge smiles,

Canaan, it’s the beauty of life in all forms,
With guardian angels,
to protect, care and love them,
Everyday, always ❤️