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My morning begins with,

Coffee in 5, 7 or 10 minutes,

It’s like music to my ears,

It spells a ‘Good morning’,


What follows is me trying to perfect the perfect cuppa,

In just this time frame,

Yep, brings tears of joy when I think about it,


But the coffee you see, dear ones, is just the carrier,

A very special carrier,

Like that white sugar glaze on that freshly baked cinnamon roll,

What’s inside,

Is just soft, moist, delicious conversation,

That excites,


Brings much laughter,

Sometimes some ‘serious’ talk,

But most importantly,

And warms the ❤️,


Precious moments that life affords us,

Almost every morning,

I love the magic of it all,

The nostalgia,

Of the past,


vivid memories of a life once lived,

Dreams we had growing up,

Dreams we still have,

But even more special,

Are the present moments,

Spent in fresh air, with the trees, with the birds,

Across space and time,

With each other,


Perhaps the biggest lesson of all, is that,

Life is to be lived today,

Right now,

Right here,

And it can all begin with,

Just a humble cup of coffee❤️