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I meet many people along my path,

They tell me that I have courage,

‘Courage’ had not come into my vocabulary,

When I look into myself,

Every one of my actions has guided by sheer determination,

The will and desire to get further,

To grow,

To learn,

Perhaps even to evolve,

I’ve realized that my journey as seen by many,

As a very hard and treacherous road to walk,

It can deter them from starting their own walk,

And perhaps it will,

I will admit it’s not an easy road,

There are many dangers, many cobblestones on the road, extreme sacrifices, as if the road I’m walking on, is imploding, And many salty tears dried into my pillow at night, feels like my path on the road is drenched with torrential rain,

Would I change it?


Now that I have begun the walk,

There’s no looking back,

There’s just A step forward, every day,

I’m stronger,

More inwardly peaceful,

I feel lighter within,

I see more and more light around me,

The road ahead is full of possibility,

Opportunities are unfolding,

The road ahead becomes wider and wider…