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O‘ dear One,

You have descended our golden South African shores,

With great vigor and intention,


As much as we would like to share our warm South African hospitality with you,


O‘ friend,

We cannot afford you,


We have tried our best to

keep you away,

To wash our hands regularly,

Keep comfortable distances from each other,

And stay at home.


Our reality for most of us,

South Africans,


Water is as precious as diamonds,

Scarce and unaffordable,


Staying away from others,

Hampers the very essence that makes us who we are,

A loving,


God-fearing nation,

Relentlessly mending together the fabric of our colorful nation,

Like our grandma’s favorite patchwork quilt,


Staying at home indefinitely,

whilst our country attempts to resurge through our ravaged economy,

Is a luxury we cannot afford,


O‘ dear friend, Covid-19,

we gently bid you adieu,

Set you free,


Spare our hearts,

Our loved ones,

Our country,


Be at peace now,