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The week passed, culminated in my first face-to-face poetry morning in a while. It was a delightful morning spent in the company of poetry lovers and friends. Two special guests, graced our special cohort, Monique de Villiers and Vuyo Sabani. If I were to just use the “word” inspiration, in and of itself, I would be failing dismally to describe the journey that these women have walked, true warriors in their own right, living every moment as if their last, and trailblazing their purpose and actions daily.

I’m very much looking forward to Monique‘s next adventure, and yes, Vuyo, Ted X Mdantsane, is surely on its way. It will be a first for the Eastern Cape, I think it’s a fitting tribute to not only entrepreneurs in this space, it a testament to the leaders of the past, who have hailed from this region, who’ve left their imprints, in South Africa, and globally.

With the advent of a short work week, November is upon us. In the Hindu calendar, it is the week of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, as well the Gujarati New Year, there’s a multitude of colours, emotions, happy times, and celebrating the Light within.

In many homes, the sweet fragrances of cardamom and nutmeg will waft through the air, the heady, nutty aroma of clarified butter fill the senses and there is light everywhere, and yes, sweet and savory morsels of delight to caress our taste buds.

To all our family and friends, here and around the world, Happy Diwali, may the Light continue to resonate within 🪔 many blessings and much love ❤️

The Light Within” is my humble offering this week, I hope it resonates with you ❤️

Have a Blessed week, filled with Light and Love.