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Fruitful perception,

Engaging topics,

Vibrant speakers,


A unique perspective,

It may feel,

Like shiny new buttons,

On your old tweed jacket,


It may feel like a new jacket,

All over again,


In this life,


You have to give away the old jacket,

And buy a brand new one,


A new colour,

A new style,

A new look,


Fruitful Perception,



How the world can change,

Before your eyes,

Only if you let it,

Only if you let in the light,

Only if you let the words in,


Wear the new jacket,

Embrace this new jacket,


Feel all it’s new textures,

Breathe into,

Settle into the fragrance of new,

You now imbue,


Wear it with pride,

With humility,

With gratitude,


A New You,


For the World,


Fruitful Perception,


It begins today,

It begins with all of you,

Are you ready?


Fruitful Perception,