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A few days away from the corporate jungle, was the order of the last few days.

It was back to our other home, Knysna, for some much-needed R&R and for sure a digital detox!


The weather was grey with rain most of the time, the ideal backdrop for self-care, TV, and much-needed reading time.


There’s something special about this town, for us, it’s nostalgic and still magical after all these years.


A small getaway brings time to stand still for a while, breathe in and out, take in new and some old sights and sounds, much-needed soothing for the soul.


Still, there was time to write a poem, a reflective one, a surprise request out of the corporate space, a poetic farewell to one of the most celebrated Board Members of all time. So here I was on holiday, creating a poetic reflective memory and a voice-over, special times indeed.

I’ll publish once the poem once it’s released, promise!


In other creative news, I would like to introduce Claudine Hauke, a German contemporary artist, living and casting her wand spells i.e. her paintbrush in East London. Her work is enthralling, takes your breath away, and leaves you still in wonder, long after you’ve visited her gallery, Lakritz.

Here’s a short poetic tribute to Claudine, The Mad Hatter, enjoy!


Have a wonderful week, everyone.