I am,

I’m the Dad,
I’m the one who gets to drive my baby home,
I learn to change the first diaper,
I learn to make a bottle,
I learn to stay awake at night,
Even though I have to work the next morning,

Times change,
I do get better,
I get to teach reading, writing,
At least I try,
And most of all I love the chance to play,

I develop a new love for toys,
Big and small,
For shopping,
For arts, crafts, school projects,
Well sometimes,

School runs,
The cajoling I do,
School sport,
I love screaming from the sidelines,
School homework,
Not my favourite,
But someone has to do Math,
School holidays,
What fun times,
Soulful times,

Year by year,
Time tumbles past,
And as I look up,
And before I even have a chance to blink,
There’s a young adult in front of me,

A piece of me,
Ready to take on the world,
And I’m in awe,

Here’s my child,
The one,
I brought home just the other day,
The one who wouldn’t stop crying,
The one who spilled ice cream,
All over my car,

Here’s my child,
The one I’ve been given the privilege to raise,
The one I’ve been given the chance to love,
And in return,
The utmost,