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Today ‘t was the most peaceful day,

Woke up with this calm, heart filled peace,

Almost blissful,

My insides were all calm,

All still,

I made coffee,

I missed you not being there,

But it was for some moments,

It was a ‘me day’,


Been having a lot of those lately,

But today,

It felt different,

I felt like my old self again,

As I looked into the trees, in my garden,

No worries,

You’re going to see these trees one day too, 🌴🌳

I felt so grateful,

So at ease,

At rest,


As I finished that second cup of coffee,

I thought,

Let me reach for these poems, and the 🎶

Let me try, at least try to learn them,

And then the music started,

And I just sat there,

On my favorite part of my bench,

On my green cushion,

Oh, there’s one for you, 💚

She’s green too, of course,


And the music of ‘Amazing Grace’

Started playing,

And I was overcome completely,

The tears, warm tears, just rolled down my face,

And I was like this baby again,

Fully grateful for being here,


And I just let the music permeate,

Through my veins,

And I was still again,



My favorite butterfly,

She’s a white butterfly,

She fluttered past,

As usual,

On her morning meander through the green,

And I smiled,

I inwardly smiled,

Almost like I knew,

Everything is going to be ok,

Everything is ok,


And then, as if, that was not enough,

Two Hadedas,

Came to visit,

Almost at once,

This time,

No loud shrilly tones,

Like they usually do,

To let me know they were here,

Just silently descended,

Into my space,

And here they stayed,

For a while,

For a long while,

As if watching me,

Like two bodyguards,

I felt quite safe actually,


By now, my tears were dry on my face,

And I mustered up the courage to say my poems, out aloud,

Only managed one😉,

The rest of the song played,

And I let the next one play, and the next,

And I just sat there,

In complete awe of life,

And all it still has to bring…

These little moments in time,

Me time,

I figured, are so precious, like gems,

Like buying myself diamonds,

But these gems,

They shine on the inside,

And they always will,


Not a bad start to ‘Heritage Day’❤️