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I’m not able to digest as yet,

What I see on TV,

What my friends and family send on WhatsApp,

What my friends share on Facebook,


It’s surreal,

I could wish it is a movie,

A horror movie,

But I know this is not my favorite genre,

So by now I would have switched channels,


It’s unbelievable,

The mayhem,

The destruction,

The scenes of inexplicability,


I feel for my kids,

They just stare at the Screen,

But I know they’ve become afraid,

Afraid to answer our front door,

Afraid to step outside,

Even though I let them know that,

“Everything will be ok”,

When I look into their eyes,

They don’t believe me yet,


I am not able to digest it yet,

Why my son has found all his toy guns,

And places them by his bedside,

Every night,

All I can offer are deep hugs,

And sweet words,

As he falls asleep,



I am not able to digest it yet,

But I know I have to,

I still have the strength,

The will,

The desire,

That we will come through this,

And I know,

We will,