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I’m Wendy

Today is my 16th Birthday,
I feel I’ve lived a life beyond my years,
There have been many lessons so far,
I’m sure there‘s plenty more,

I’m an explorer,
I love adventure,
Big or small,
I’m in,

People, all ages,
All cultures,
are my first love ❤️,
Or is it writing,
Mmmm, the choices,
Maybe it’s both 😉

I‘m very quiet,
So you’d never guess,
People intrigue me,
They always have,

I want to travel the world,
Explore every corner,
I have so many dreams,
Journalist, Singer,
Actress, Poet,

I’ll have to figure it out,
and I will,
I know I will,

But just for today,
I’m 16,
Sweet 16,

It’s time for cake,
For presents,
I Celebrate Life,
In this moment ❤️