All the time,
I can feel my heart space again,
It’s all the hues of pink,

And I send this to you all the time,
To cover your precious body,
Your precious soul,
I send the light of Love,
And hope that you can feel it,
Be with it,
Drown in it,
It’s still there,
I know you know that,
You know that,

This chapter of your life,
Is still to be written,
The first words are on the page,
You can see it,
Follow it with your heart,

And all the words will appear,
One by one,
Sentence by sentence,
Each covered with love, just love,

You will hear it all around you,
You will see it in front of you,
And when you go to bed at night,
It will cover you like a pink blanket,
And make you feel ‘warm’ inside,
Yes, my Babe, it’s time to dream.