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It’s Time,

It’s time for pralenepoetry to go one level up, at least!

This week heralds the countdown to the very first exhibition of poetry, The Sahasra Collection. My short anthology offers a unique view of growth, life, and the quest to find oneself during the extraordinary times the world and humanity as we know it is currently experiencing.

The Poems focus on personal insights into emotions as diverse as “Courage”, “Restlessness” and “Fear”. At the same time, there are some “tearjerker” moments, as I reflect on my humble childhood, and the innate possibilities I had to dream a better life. I share my best travel destinations and my wishes for these wonderful countries as they navigated Covid-19. Finally, there are some poetic musings that encompass the ideology that, in the end, with this journey of Life, we’ve been awarded, it is up to each one of us to rejoice, to reflect, to deal, to manifest the most beautiful versions of ourselves. There’s even one, inspired by AM😉yes, you know which one!

I hope this short description tantalizes the “tastebuds”, so to speak, and I look forward to welcoming and sharing with you on Saturday morning.

In recent months, as the pralenepoetry, has unfolded, some themes behind the brand have become clear. The experience of our poetry mornings leaves poetry lovers energized, inspired, humbled, open, free, and excited to begin another week anew. As a small, but growing community, we’ve understood the human value of service and service to others.

It is in this spirit, the exhibition will welcome Guardians for Hope as our main beneficiary, as they are embarking on a new journey of their own, a new home.

With these words, all that’s left, is to say, have a wonderful week! I’m hoping for some much needed, Sleep, my poetic reflection for this week. See you on Saturday ❤️