A soul I met many years ago,
We shared a classroom for many years,
As I recall, we barely spoke,
I knew he was always there,
And I guess, he knew my name at least,

30 years on,
I was drawn to a media platform,
Something I resisted for years,
And ‘pop’ out of the blue,
There’s this familiar, yet unfamiliar name,
I know this guy,
I remember this guy,
Does he really remember me?
Guess so,
From ‘Good morning’ to ‘Good night’
These simple notes bring emojis of smiles, hugs, winks and love to life,
It’s like being connected by a thread,
Strange, or is it?

Is this not just the human condition,
We always speak of,
Aren’t we just for now,
For this present moment,
The lucky TWO,
How blessed we are,
How lucky we are to connect,
During this time around us,
Life, it is, as it is,
All the hues of the rainbow, and every colour of the storm,
All rolled into one,

Let’s hop on this roll a coaster,
And enjoy the ride…
Somehow, you’re not a stranger anymore.