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Dear Poetry Lovers,

This week has been a bumper one.

It’s further heralded a short hiatus from my blog space… the poetry writing has continued though 😊


In the spirit of Women’s Month,

I love honoring women in our space, who are exhibiting their entrepreneurial energy and bringing novelty, fun, and much enjoyment to themselves and to their delighted customers.


This week I pay homage to Therusha Chetty from Desi Designs.

Therusha is a very talented henna artist and brings her magic onto shoes, yes shoes!

Please check out Therusha’s Facebook page, Desi Designs to sample some of her glorious work.


And here’s a glimpse of her designer shoes for pralenemahabirpoetry.

Yes, shoes, Darlings, it’s time to Rock n’ Roll, desi style ❤️

Thanks 🙏 Therusha, for amazing entrepreneurial talent!