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Today marks the end of Women’s Month.


I am sincerely looking forward to more spring weather, and all things flowery, I would like to let you all in on one more special woman, in my frame, Simona Popisti.


Simona and I have been connected in the corporate space for a couple of years shy of two decades. We started our relationship as colleagues, connecting virtually from one continent to the other, then, finally meeting face to face a decade later.

And surprisingly, having the opportunity to be a part of her special team in Stuttgart some years later.


Perhaps the ‘real gel’, that still binds us, is our humble past, our most warm relationships we shared with our grandmothers, and humble values.

These tenets will remain for a long time to come.


We connected in the last weeks again, whenever there’s a call, the connection is instant, like no space and time has passed. These days, we’ve both moved on, created new spaces in our lives, and we’re still full of ideas and adventures always.

I’m sure, my poetic reflection, Simona, lets you in on a little more about her life story.


Thank You, Simona, for the good times, the life lessons, and the inspiration.

Today, Simona, after many years in the corporate space, is the Managing Partner at Denk Sinn, based in Bremen, Germany, and yes, living her best life and self yet.


This past week, I had the pleasure of hosting yet another virtual poetry morning, this time in aid of McCelland Adult Centre. A wonderful morning spent in the company of many old and new friends to our poetry circle. “We are very grateful for our guest speaker for the morning, and member of the Board of McCelland, Bridgette Beetge-Magnus. We promise to visit you all soon at the Centre

Perhaps, an apt end to our morning, was my reading of ‘She’, by Rhea D’souza, a poet, coach, entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

Her blog space is a must virtual visit. Thank You 🙏🏼 Rhea for your beautiful poem, She’, and blog this week, ‘Amazing Grace’. I’m most humbled.


I wish you all a fantastic start to Spring this week, to new beginnings!