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We find ourselves halfway through November, the countdown to the end of the year has begun!

Preparation is key, whether we’re baking that Christmas cake, and dousing it with brandy, week to week, or whether it’s tying up all those loose ends, before Christmas.

Pralenepoetry is in preparation mode too, our first poetry exhibition is on the horizon. It’s a beautiful way to close out the year, and as we’re all about service to the community with words, we’re fundraising again.

Our beneficiary is Guardians for Hope, thus far, with our funds raised, we’re contributing to their sickbay at their new facility.

Through our new exhibition, The Sahasra Collection, we will raise even more funds for Guardians of Hope, as they walk into their new home.

My thanks and gratitude to Jade Garisch Studios for hosting us soon, it’s always a pleasure to work with Jade and the team. The studio is fresh, inviting and technically this is where pralenepoetry was born, a little over a year ago, so with our first exhibition, it’s a bit like being home again.

We look forward to welcoming our poetry community and the community at large to join is for a morning of poetry reading, coffee and pre-Christmas delights.

This week, my poetry offering is “Sahasra“, the title of the exhibition. I found this Sanskrit word, many years ago, then it brought solace and hope, today, it’s reminiscent of a journey, a life journey.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.