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I start my blog this week, by quoting Rumi,

I will find new meaning in every joy and sorrow. I will see another world where the end is another beginning

This week, as pralenepoetry, I’m happy to announce that we will be hosting our first poetry exhibition, “The Sahasra Collection“. It’s an ultimate ode to the experience that humankind has endured the last two years, its ups, its downs, and our experiences in between. At the same time, it signals the new, of what might be, only if you let it.

This is our new offering as pralenepoetry, so watch this space for details to come.

I would like to introduce to you, some of the Pralene Poetry team, that give off their energy, love and time, to make sure that every event of pralenepoetry,is memorable. First of all, Current Consulting, Bonnie & Candi, my trusted social media partners, who hold my hand whilst I navigate this digital space. Secondly, Cherrie Lawlor, the President of the BWA in East London, whom I trust for her creative genius and business acumen. Tayla Braaf, my Rock who tells me that all is possible with words, she’s the inventor of the pralenepoetry icon. Super Amazing! Sisipho Mteti, who challenges me to be confident on-screen, and pushes me to heights, I dreamt impossible. Yolanda Metuse, the other organizer behind pralenepoetry, whose infectious energy, zeal, and Organisational Skills, I admire and appreciate tremendously. And Lastly Mamta Ranchhod, my friend for more than two decades, who has stood by me, through everything, Mamps here’s to our next adventure together, we just have to follow the stars ✨

I’m in gratitude to you all ❤️.

So Poetry Lovers, here’s the team, some inactive, and others in advisory roles, behind the scenes, crafting poetry mornings and fundraisers for all our community initiatives.

So with all of this positive energy and the advent of the Christmas season, here’s this week’s offering from my poetry closet… Courage. It seemed apt. It’s dedicated to Zimasa at Pollocks, she’s been instrumental the last weeks in the final printing process of the poems, for the exhibition, this is her favorite, I’m told.

Here’s to a week filled with much gratitude, much love and yes, to New Beginnings, Sahasra!