Your little feet,
Are on the move once again,
This time,
It’s for Keeps,
You’re starting a New Life,
In a New Arena,
In another part of Your World,

Wherever you go,
Know that you are loved,
Wherever you go,
Know that there’s always a piece of home,
Right here,
Within each of one of us,
Wherever you go,
Trust that we are never far away,
And that we will always stand by your side,

There’s no doubt that we are going to miss you,
Even more that all of us care to admit,

Today it feels like we’re saying goodbye to one of our own,

But we know that this step is for you,
for the Best of you yet,
And for this,
we wish you,

We know that you will compose new travels,
Like a thunderous symphony,
And Yet,
We know you will remain Harmonious,
Down to Earth,
Always leaving Spirit to guide you,

Much Love, Our Sammy,
Us ❤️