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How could I forget,

That squeal of excitement in your voice, That smile from ear to ear,


Saturdays seemed like the best day of the week for you, No school, Just soccer, Good ol‘ soccer, Each week in a different field,


Amazing places we discovered together,

Shielding from the elements,




Just plain cold,

And some days the snow had just fallen,


How could I forget,

Even through all this,

That same zeal for life,

That passion to be on the field,

Kicking the ball about,


The fun you had,

With your friends,

Whether you won or lost,

And you guys won most times 😉

There were always smiles,

And good treats too,


Whilst I caressed my hot cup of coffee or two, I smiled, As you, Devoured those sweet waffles, And freshly baked pretzels 🥨,

And the Bratwurst rolls,

Straight off the barbecue,


Absolutely a pleasure,

But the hero,

Always you,

Always you❤️