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Herstory is one of those hidden gems in East London. These young powerful women are completely committed to the empowerment of women. Their recent venture ‘The Denim Edition’ was novel and I was humbled to participate. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram.


It’s a calling,

The time has come,

To be bold,

Brazen if you must,

It takes Courage,

To Step into your own shoes,

Stand your ground,

Speak from your heart,

Live your truth,


The path is sometimes not easy,

Perhaps by design,

There are profound lessons here,

Each step of the way,

Sometimes pain,

Sometimes heartache,

Perhaps worse,

It’s time to listen,

To your inner voice,

To reflect,

To reconcile,

To heal,

To live the best version of you,

All possibility is right here,