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The last year has been filled with personal adventures, yes, adventures. One of the amazing opportunities I’ve had has been to reconnect with old friends once again. This was just of my many reflections, watch this space for some more specialness ❤️ 🙏🏼


Who would’ve guessed,

A morning walk,

One in overcast but clear weather,

The other in blistering mid morning heat,

Stirling Conversations abound,

From the current state of affairs around us,

As the 2020 curtain draws yet but a little closer,

To Remembering the values learnt in the good ol’ days,

And their relevance to life today,

How the hazy mist of growing up during apartheid,

Made crystal clear the years now,

The wisdom now,

How our culture framed us,

Yet unframed us,

Made us determined to discover yet the deeper self,

The unknown,

Green pastures,

Pastures yet to be sown,

Where are we now,

Still on the Journey,

Still growing,

Still maturing,

Like whiskey corked in old oak barrels,

A simple walk can bring some exquisite life lessons,

Now and,