Today I marry,

Best friends,
One true love,
All desire rolled up into one,
Is here,
Is front of me,
They’ve known each other for so long,
Together they’re crazy,
They’re wonderful,
They make each other laugh so hard, I want to cry,
They’re as loving as the days are long,
Those eyes have deep stories to tell,
and they’re going to spend the rest of their days,
With each other.
Hearing them,
Drowning those eyes into each other’s souls,

They’re an embodiment of all that is true love,
Their journey here will bring tears to your eyes,
Their story is of deep love,
Deep anguish,
Deep Spirit,
Mighty forgiveness,

And today,
I have the hand,
To say,
As husband,
As wife,
Live Life,
Live Love,
Be ❤️