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It’s been a time of heartfelt loss.

This past week I’ve lost two extended family members, one to Covid-19 and the other to illness.


I think in this time of living through a pandemic, no one escapes death or the feeling of extreme loss and mourning, be it close by or far away.


A while ago, I wrote a piece called ‘Our Time’ and I share this with all of you this week.

In the past, it’s brought relief, acceptance and a source of strength to those who have experienced deep loss.


This past weekend, my own words served me, brought me some comfort and perspective as I mourned virtually with family members from here and abroad.

Perhaps the only future I can really contemplate right now, is a feeling of belonging and a connectedness to family in this present moment.


As our lives slowly begin to heal now, the only lesson I take away is the one of breathing in every hug, so precious, enjoying every conversation like it would be the last and believing, that in the end, all will be well.


As another week has begun, we find ourselves in the midst of a new wave of infection, time to become extremely vigilant and abide by all protocols.


In time, this too shall pass and we will find our new reality as a species, as a society.


With these few philosophical ramblings, I wish you all safety and much peace.