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I bet that we have never imagined

living through a pandemic,

Becoming conscious that life is so precious,

Every moment,

Every day,


I bet we have never imagined,

Life without loved ones,

Taken young,

Taken in their prime of their lives,

Taken old,

We‘ve known somewhere in our deepest thoughts,

That life is fleeting,


We’ve always wished for the bonus years,

Bonus good Times,

Over tea,

At the Christmas table,

At the barbecue,

Once more,


I bet that we have never imagined,

The continuous loss of life,

Of those we hold dear,

So sudden,

So often,

That our body, mind, and spirits,

Sometimes flounder to find a suitable response,

But we can,

We have to,


As we say goodbye to those we love,

Hold dear,

We have no choice but to respect their choice,

Their next journey,

As we wish them well,

We take solace from those left behind,

There is still much to live for,


This Life That is given to us,

It is precious,

So precious,

That we are brought to our knees once more,

In Humbleness,

In Amazement,

In Gratitude❤️