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The short hiatus from blog writing has brought new ideas, and new opportunities!

This coming week heralds the resurgence of in-person poetry mornings, my definitive and passionate poetic friends are delighted!

We look forward to welcoming our guest speaker, a young, vibrant dynamic young woman to our fold, Vuyo Sabani. Vuyo, is the lead organizer of TedX Mdantsane, she will be sharing her passion project, and what keeps her spirited with us all. We really look forward to welcoming her, and I’m delighted to share my poem, ‘Fruitful Perception‘ with you this week.

‘Fruitful Perception‘ is the theme for TedX Mdantsane which comes to our shores, in 2022.

There’s nothing like load-shedding, to humble me, and bring me back to the simple stuff, a humble cup of coffee and the writing ‘bug’, not bad for a Sunday morning.

My corporate space is bulging, I love it, and yet, there’s so much to still offer my space, my community. This week I’d like to highlight the Border Kei Chamber of Business, as a new member myself, I was asked to be part of the Youth Desk. Yes, youth, we have in East London, a rising unemployment rate and the Chamber is definitely ‚thinking aloud‘ and forging forward to help and lend a hand in these times of change.

To those of you out there, who have some original ideas to alleviate youth unemployment, here’s your chance, reach out, bring your best, and let’s collaborate!

There are some more interesting projects at the Chamber, but I’ll let you in on this in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the warmer weather, despite the wind, sometimes in East London, writing and editing some creative offerings, and looking forward to the last weeks of the year.

To all parents out there, in ‘exam mode’, I hope the wine, gin, and whiskey stocks are in good supply, mine definitely is, it’s the last stretch, much strength to us all!

Have an amazing week, everyone, and to my poetry friends, Saturday is almost here!