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It’s the last Monday of Heritage Month, and Spring has sprung to life for most of us in the Southern Hemisphere.

We just experienced our last long weekend before the balmy summer descends, and Christmas is but a jingle away.


Still, there’s so much to do before then, before the final curtain call on 2021.

I’ve been kept relatively busy in this corporate space, and still, there are a few adventures on the horizon creatively too.


I’m happy to say, that I have been writing recently in the quasi-academic space. It’s really come out of the blue, so to speak, and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.

I’ll let you in more detail, as the year tumbles on, but for now, it’s simple, it’s a refreshing case study in leadership. My humble thanks to Trevor Amos, who is always humbly gracious to my wild spirited ideas, which hopefully brings some delight in university lecture rooms still.


Creatively, I’m ever so keenly looking forward to December, the only hint, for now, Poetry meets Art. Watch this space in the next upcoming weeks, for details.


By now the fond memories of barbecue fires lit, on Heritage Day, are clearly that, just a memory. For me, it was a day, spent quite like the last, a day of rest, of reflection, of breathing out, of peace and quiet. No hurry, just inward reflection, and contemplation. And yes, some form of barbecue was mustered. I share my thoughts and reflections, on Heritage Day @ 2020… I’m alive.


Happy week ahead, and stay blessed and safe.